You are not sold on smartwatches yet? Neither am I. To be honest, I simply have a hard time figuring out what it really brings to the table. Smartphones are already doing everything anyway, right? Well apparently not, as every big player in the cellphone game is releasing or planning to release a smartwatch of his own. And when Apple will release their model sometime in fall 2014, according to rumors, you can bet everybody will get aboard the train. Pebble was one of the first company to put the concept of smarwatches to life, after a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013. One year later, they have a finished product on the shelves. Let’s see if it’s a strong enough effort to compete against the Apple and Android of this world.

A solid App base

One of the frequent mistakes companies made in the past is to release a product with not enough applications in the AppStore available at launch. It was very much the case with the Windows Phone, which still struggle to get support for developpers even 2 years after it’s release. Pebble was very active prior to launch in making sure they offer a good launch day applications base, and they succeed at it. The wristwatch offer more than 1000 apps, with more releasing every day. It’s quite impressive, especially when you consider that when the iPhone launched in 2008, only 500 apps were available.

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A remote control for your camera

One of the cool feature of this smartwatch is the remote camera control of any GoPro or smarthphone camera. This is especially cool for people using a GoPro, as you can start the recording with a simple touch on the wrist. A lot of persons use GoPros while doing extreme sports, and I can tell you right away that they will love this feature a lot. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of skateboarders and snowboarders with a Pebble to the wrist in the future.

Quick SMS easier than ever

It’s easier than ever to send quick SMS with this smartwatch. You have the option to send pre-written answers like “I’m on my way!” or “I’m driving”, which can prevent you from getting a fine (the use of smartwatches is not forbidden yet while driving).

Get information without reaching for your phone

When you are looking for something like the score of a sport game, the Pebble watch can be put to great use. The ESPN app, available at launch, can give you NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB scores with a simple touch. This is really where smartwatches shine, to access quick information that doesn’t require any search at all.

 A unique design

With a Pebble watch on your wrist, you will be surprise at how many people with stop you on the street to ask about it. In a world where we are used to see wooden watches, luxury watches and sport watches quite often, a unique modern design like Pebble make people talk. And that’s a good thing. Who doesn’t want to have a unique touch?